Hack The North 2021: “What They Don’t Teach You In CS Class”

Calvin, Co-Founder, and Linda, Operations Manager at Hack The North 2014

What They Don’t Teach At School: A Primer on Interpersonal Skills

While we can all agree that school (and co-op) gives you a technical foundation, something that is often overlooked is how to develop good interpersonal skills.

  • First impressions
  • Getting a job
  • Getting a promotion
  • Resume writing
  • Marketing your product/project
  • Convincing people to work with you
  • And more!

Step 1: Understand what you want & why

Step 2: Understand others and practice empathy

Just like how you want your story to be heard, others do too. There’s a ton to learn and understand about others — and that starts by taking a genuine interest in what other people have to say.

Step 3: Create win-win scenarios

Now, you understand what you want and are starting to understand others. Given that info, you can think about how you can help each other.

Step 4: Build long-term relationships

Forming strong relationships with people takes time and effort. Propose catch-ups with important people in your life — whether they are professional or friends/family.

In Closing..

Navigating the tech world is part “tech” and part “world”. And surprise! The world, as we know it, has people in it.



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